Why After School Tennis Programs Are One of the Best Activities of the Year

Want to know what the Valter Paiva Tennis Academy has to offer you and/or your kids? Sign up today. Tennis is one of the most widely known and played sports in the world; it's a great way to keep active throughout life, and it's never too early or too late to get a

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How the Valter Paiva Tennis After School Program is Making a Difference in Your Child’s Life

We all know that tennis is good for both the mind and body. It has been proven several times that incorporating tennis in one's routine offers many physical and psychological health benefits. These health benefits should be considered when deciding on an after school program for your child, as his or her development, on

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After School Tennis Program Aiding in Child Development

Tennis is a fun sport with benefits beyond the court. At the Valter Paiva Tennis Academy, we focus on not just the skills needed to play the game but the many values that can be learned in the process and that will contribute to the healthy development of the children participating. RESPECT In tennis, we

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The Best After School Tennis Program in Long Beach!

At Valter Paiva Tennis Academy’s after school tennis programs, we teach all children ages 5-17 how to play tennis while enjoying themselves and learning new skills. We bring the joy and fun of tennis to kids and adults of all ages. Tennis is a life-long sport that encourages fitness, friendship, respect, and healthy competition. Learning

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