• Remain 6’ apart to maintain social distancing.
  • No more than 4 people inside the pro shop are allowed at one time.
  • Lounge area pro shops will be closed to prevent congregating.
  • Players expected to arrive 10 minutes before the time expected to play.
  • Activities will always be in line with State, County and City Government’s advised social distancing measures (defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as keeping 6 feet apart), including when arriving at and departing from a court.
  • No congregating on the tennis court benches and outside the pro shop.


  • BJK Employees at the check-in counter will always wear a mask and will use hand sanitizer in between every transaction.
  • BJK Employees wipe down all areas needed on a regular basis including door handles, tables, counters, chairs, light switches, gate handles on courts and latches, cash register, telephone, supplies, and ball machine after each usage.
  • All score tenders will be removed from the courts.
  • Gates to the courts will remain unlocked.
  • Water fountains will be closed off.
  • All doors to the pro shop and bathrooms will remain open to avoid unnecessary contact.


  • Limit 7 players on the court at one time to include full social distancing. (6’ apart-floor marked)
  • Limit the amount of equipment on the court. Only baskets and ball mowers will be permitted.
  • Players will not handle any of the coaching equipment.
  • We encourage players to use their racquet/foot to push balls back and/or hit them to their opponent to avoid using hands and touching the balls.
  • Balls will be restricted to each pro and will be responsible for their own teaching basket.
  • Students hand will be sanitized often during their session
  • Students will wash their hands before and after the break. Breaks are taking by interval (6 campers at a time) and campers will stand on a designated spots ( 6 feet distance between each camper)
  • Tennis equipment will be touched only by the pro/coach and should be sanitized frequently.
  • Students will put their personal belongings, water bottle, etc. on the floor mark (X)
  • Sign out: parents line up outside the court (where your child is) on the floor mark (X), the coach will approach you, sign and release your child
  • No Parents are permitted on the court.
  • Bring your own water bottle- We cannot provide water or Gatorade.
  • Only Granola bar, otter pop, and fruit snacks will be provided during the camp break.