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Tennis is one of the most widely known and played sports in the world; it’s a great way to keep active throughout life, and it’s never too early or too late to get a proper start in the game.

Even people who think they don’t really know anything about tennis can name a few players, and most people can name terms like “love” and “grand slam tournament” that belong to tennis; this makes it one of the most recognizable sports out there by people who don’t actively play it!

All you need to get started in tennis is good gear and a great coach – and the Valter Paiva Tennis Academy in Long Beach, CA is one of the leading after school tennis programs for making sure kids learn, have fun and improve the most important aspects of their tennis game.

Why After School Tennis Programs Work

More people play tennis in all its forms today than they did during the sixties, seventies and eighties. Many hotel, golf courses, colleges and schools have access to a proper tennis court (or plan to have one installed) – and even though a lot of people might think that they don’t, most people already know the rules of tennis by heart.

Tennis is an excellent activity for kids of any age.

It teaches essential coping mechanisms through sport, but also teaches concepts like strategy, working as a team and planning for the game ahead; it can teach kids about preparing for any outcome on the court and making the best of their abilities – and it can teach kids how to live life with a focus on their health from a young age.

After school tennis programs are more than “just another activity” for kids: It can ensure that your kids are better prepared for life outside school boundaries, whether they see tennis as a fun and leisurely activity or want to take it more seriously as a professional sport one day.

Led by Valter Paiva – USPTA Professional of the Year

The Valter Paiva Tennis Academy is led by tennis player, coach and professional Valter Paiva (USPTA Pro of the Year).

His award-winning approach to tennis has meant that he’s a star on the tennis court – and he’s turned the most important core concepts of tennis into an after school program that makes the game easier to teach to anyone who wants to learn.

Paiva is known for his calm demeanor on the court and his health-centric approach to fitness: He’s also known as a championship player with titles and awards including the USTA Nationals and MEAC Player of the Year.

He’s put together some of the leading techniques he’s learned over the years, thrown some of the best tennis coaches he knows into the mix to create one of the best tennis after school programs for kids of any age – and a personalized tennis clinic with lessons for adult tennis enthusiasts, too.

It’s made the Valter Paiva Tennis Academy one of the leading places for tennis instruction in Long Beach, CA.

Essential Instruction from Kids’ Tennis Teachers and Experts

Even though the academy has tennis expert coach and player Valter Paiva as part of its name, the academy also relies on the expertise of several other championship tennis players and coaches to make up the best tennis after school program out there.

Registered coaches include:

  • Devin Bowler
  • Christian Doria
  • Cody Freischlag
  • James Ly

One of the Leading After School Tennis Programs

The Valter Paiva Tennis Academy is one of the leading after school tennis programs for anyone in or near Long Beach, CA.

Essential, vital tennis concepts are covered, including:

  • Fitness and Health
  • Essential Footwork
  • Serving for Experts
  • The Right Stance
  • Volleying
  • Different Strokes
  • Tennis Rules
  • Competitive Spirit

Overall, signing up to the Valter Paiva Tennis Academy and one of its after school tennis programs could be one of the best things that you ever do for your tennis game.

For All Tennis Enthusiasts and Players in Long Beach, CA

Our after school tennis programs are meant for anyone interested in fitness, a healthier life, a team experience and the game of tennis: It doesn’t matter whether you know the basics already or whether you’ve just heard about the game a week ago – and it doesn’t matter what your age. We have something for everyone.

Our tennis instruction program has all ages and skill levels covered, including:

  • Quickstart Program (5 – 8)
  • Essential Program (9 – 13)
  • High School Program (14+)
  • Adult Tennis Lessons

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